List of Document Services Offered

Criminal, Civil, and Administrative Cases Accepted.Documents memorialize financial, legal, business, social or personal interactions. Forensic document examinations within the purview of a Forensic Document Examiner are:

  • Handwriting, Hand Printing, Signatures
  • Detection and Recovery of Indented Writing (non-destructive)
  • Alteration, Insertion, Erasure, and Obliteration Examinations
  • Typewriter Examinations
  • Photocopier/Office Machine Production Examinations
  • Watermark Examinations
  • Counterfeit Examinations
  • Fracture Match Examinations
  • Restoration of Shredded Documents
  • Charred Documents
  • Rubber Stamp and Seal Impression Examinations
  • Ink analysis to determine differences in inks (non-destructive)
  • Reconstruction of Shredded, Cut, or Torn Documents

Documents Commonly Submitted for Examination Include:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Contracts
  • Real Estate Documents
  • Business Records such as Accounting Ledgers, Checks, Employment Records
  • Medical Records
  • Legal Documents
  • Anonymous Letters and Cards
  • Reconstruction of Shredded or Charred Documents
  • Graffiti or tagging on surfaces other than paper
  • Voter Ballots
  • Petition Signatures